UserGate Web Filter allows you to filter users’ DNS queries using filtering categories and black and white lists of forbidden hosts. On access to a particular site being denied through DNS filtering, the user can be redirected to an external website displaying a message notifying them that they are trying to access a forbidden resource.

This technology is based on a constantly updated database of websites (500 million), divided into 73 categories for ease of operation. Depending on the product’s settings, Entensys URL Filtering can be used to filter users’ DNS queries.

The categories by which filtering is carried out can be grouped in a way that fully corresponds with and satisfies the requirements of various law regulations (such as IWF and CIPA) for the categorization of Internet resources.

UserGate Mail Security is a solution for protecting corporate email against viruses, fishing, spam and other harmful messages, allowing you also to prevent leaks of confidential information. The product provides message archiving, incorporates the ability to monitor email, and can work with any mail server.