Antispam for Any Email Server

UserGate Mail Security can provide top-level security and threat protection for any mail server so you can continue using all the features and functions of your current email server but benefit from additional security and monitoring features. Our solution allows integrating with an IMAP server for MS Exchange and Lotus Domino. Due to its modular structure, UserGate Mail Security is highly efficient and failsafe.

Secure and Protected Email

The embedded AntiVirus and AntiSpam modules provide the best and broadest protection against new and zero-hour threats. A highly available cloud-based service hosted at multiple data centers ensures enhanced reliability and scalability. UserGate Mail Security can protect against phishing, spear phishing, and targeted attacks and it can also scan links in emails to test if the sites contain malicious content. Due to our licensed Recurrent Pattern Detection technology, UserGate Mail Security provides a typical sustained detection rate of more than 99%, with virtually zero false-positives (approximately 1 in 1.5 million).

Email Content Filtering and Data Leak Prevention

With UserGate Mail Security you can enforce the email content policy and provide enterprise-level protection against data theft and data loss for email. Our solution carries out a series of strict checks on the incoming and outgoing email and intercepts messages based on the corporate policies enforced by the administrator.

Email Archiving

UserGate Mail Security can help you efficiently store, manage, and discover your organization's emails. It prevents data loss and provides for compliance with the relevant legal requirements.