Easy to Administer Windows-Based Solution

UserGate Mail Server is an alternative to Microsoft Exchange or other mail server solutions. Our product has a modular design that gives it a solid performance through ultra-low processing, memory, storage, and bandwidth consumption. It is easy to set up and administer, so it perfectly meets the needs of small and medium-sized businesses providing all the important messaging, collaboration, and security functions.

Any Email Client Support

UserGate Mail Server is compatible with any email clients such as Windows Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, and Eudora. Additionally, the product has its own webmail client that provides an impressive experience for those accessing email via the browser, using either PC or laptop, or tablet device.

Secure and Protected Email

The embedded AntiVirus and AntiSpam modules provide the best and broadest protection against new and zero-hour threats. A highly available cloud-based service hosted at multiple data centers ensures enhanced reliability and scalability. UserGate Mail Server can protect against phishing, spear phishing, and targeted attacks and it can also scan links in emails to test if the sites contain malicious content. Due to our licensed Recurrent Pattern Detection technology, our mail server provides a typical sustained detection rate of more than 99%, with virtually zero false-positives (approximately 1 in 1.5 million).

Multiple Email Accounts Downloads

You can consolidate all your emails including any third party email accounts (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, your ISP email, etc.), integrate or migrate as many external POP3 or IMAP email accounts into local mailboxes as you wish, or continue receiving mail from legacy accounts, while migrating to a new mail server.