Enhanced Network Security

Protect your network against intrusions, external attacks, and other threats. Enforce network access and application controls and regulate internet traffic. UserGate UTM provides network and content security, secure connectivity, and traffic optimization that can replace several network components with one affordable, easy-to-manage solution.

Advanced Threat Protection

UserGate UTM is designed to provide effective security against web threats such as phishing, Trojans, keyloggers, botnets, malware, etc. It also provides the best, broadest protection against new and zero-hour threats. Moreover, the product features a two built-in antivirus modules that scans all web and FTP traffic, email attachments, and downloads. The product’s modular design combines industry-leading performance with ultra-low processing, memory, storage, and bandwidth consumption. UserGate UTM also protects against adware and can block scripts that violate user privacy.

Efficient Web Access Management

UserGate UTM can control access to websites, Web 2.0 content, downloads, or streaming media based on users, groups, and time. Our product can enforce granular policies that provide security, increase productivity, and enforce any reasonable corporate policy. An SSL inspection function allows you to apply these policies to all social networks and search engines, which would otherwise be impossible.

Better Internet Performance

Ensure uninterrupted connectivity and traffic balancing with automated failover and traffic manager functionality. Guarantee the bandwidth levels required to serve business-critical applications. A comprehensive library of pre-defined applications combined with granular user- and time-based  rules make it easy to regulate non-business-related applications in real time to ensure optimal quality of service.

Email Security

UserGate Mail Security can provide top-level security and threat protection for any mail server so you can continue using all the features and functions of your current email server but benefit from additional security and monitoring features. UserGate UTM can protect against phishing, spear phishing, and targeted attacks and it can also scan links in emails to test if the sites contain malicious content. The product provides a typical sustained detection rate of more than 99%, with virtually zero false-positives (approximately 1 in 1.5 million).

More Benefits

Increased Productivity

It is broadly assumed that office workers spend some portion of their day using their computers for personal communication, social networking, reading blogs, sports or news sites, or pleasure. The actual amount of time and productivity wasted is staggering. UserGate UTM provides social network usage control and granular policies – when a user knows that his or her internet activity can be monitored they are more likely to restrict the time they spend on such websites.

VPN Server

Link your central office to remote users and branch offices’ remote locations and mobile employees through Secure VPN connection, site-to-site, and client-to-site VPN connection. The UserGate VPN client provides security and connectivity regardless of location.

Protecting your privacy

It's no secret that there's big money to be made in violating your privacy. Facebook, Google, and hundreds of other advertising networks and data collection sites track you as you browse the Web. UserGate Web Filter protects your privacy by blocking the invisible tracking cookies and plug-ins on many websites and preventing social networks from transmitting data about you after you leave those sites.