UserGate Web Filter for Internet Service Providers

A conventional way of solving the problem of Internet security would be to install local antiviruses or firewalls. This approach mainly fights the consequences, but not the reasons for the key problem: intentional or unintentional visits to malicious websites. Today, there is a general tendency of providers taking care of safe Internet usage. Such services as “Internet for Children” or “Safe Internet” are becoming an obvious competitive advantage and a source of additional income.

Advantages of UserGate Web Filter

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers use UserGate Web Filter and the website filtering technology of Entensys URL Filtering. The main advantages of our solution are:

  • Simple service deployment on the site of a provider;
  • High system efficiency and practically unlimited opportunities for scaling to represent any number of subscribers;
  • Options of flexible service settings, blocking not only pornography or malware website categories, but also many other categories;

Service setting by the provider

A provider uses one or several physical or virtual machines on which the UserGate Web Filter system is installed. Depending on the expected load, a balanced-load cluster may be organized.

A provider applies standard filtering settings or customizes them for its needs. Then the interested users subscribe to safe Internet service, and the forwarding of their DNS-requests is enabled.

The website filtering settings can be integrated into the user profile, and the solution can also be integrated with the provider’s billing based on the developed API.

Service tariff rates

An Internet provider can independently define the cost of website filtering service for its clients. The service can be charged separately or may be included in the basic rate. The provider then makes monthly payments for the product license and the UserGate Web Filter service.