Educational institutions

Complex Internet Filtering for educational institutions

Nowadays web resources are widely used in almost all K-12 school, college and library, so it has become vital to use web filtering tools in order to comply with enormous government regulation, protect local network from malware and underage children from harmful content.

Entensys products are perfectly fit this needs as they are based on such basic core features as URL Category Filtering, Content Filtering (both real-time), Flexiblity of Settings and Internet Use Control. Entensys products are used to block access to nefarious websites promoting pornography, drug abuse, suicidal and extremist views, and offers customization of access control.

In addition to the filtering of websites by categories Entensys software offers internet filtering based on Deep Content Inspection (DCI) technology, allowing the blocking of unquotable vocabulary and undesirable communication in social networks, barring unquotable banners and forcing Safe Search mode in Google, Bing, Youtube and other search engines and video hosting services.

It's worth to mention that Entensys solutions meet the specifications regarding filtering systems stipulated in HIPAA, BECTA, CIPA, UK Pornography Laws and other guidelines.

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UserGate Web Filter offers safe staff access to web resources by barring the downloading of dangerous and malicious contents and blocking access to websites unrelated to work such as social networks, chat forums, job search sites, online games, entertainment, etc. Moreover, UserGate Web Filter may be used to block access to any websites forbidden by local legislation basing on websites URL, IP or content.

UserGate Web Filter in addition to content filtering allows internet use monitoring, generation of comprehensive statistics and preparation of analyses.

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Small and mid-sized companies

Small and medium businesses belong to the category of corporate entities where information security is one of the issues that are not given proper attention. Such companies often use free mail servers as a means of communication. In this case, messages are processed not by special client applications, but in web interface, such as No doubt, services like offer a wide variety of online capabilities, but mail security still remains a point of issue for free mail servers. In addition to other benefits, a company that has its own domain will obtain a certain status. With UserGate Mail Server, you will be able to manage your corporate mail traffic securely.

Besides, one should not forget about personal data protection laws that means you must have appropriate security to prevent the personal data you hold being accidentally or deliberately compromised. A lot of corporate entities use UserGate Proxy & Firewall as a comprehensive solution to secure Internet access from a local area network, monitor traffic and keep a corporate network safe from external threats.

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Companies with distributed branch offices

The UserGate line of products is sought after by companies with distributed branch offices to provide access to the Internet and direct e-mail activity in their regional offices, as well as to provide for the centralized administration, monitoring and management of this access. Entensys products are utilized by a number of ministries, foundations, administrations, and a variety of commercial and trade companies having up to 250 branches.

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Health Care

It is hard to imagine today how a healthcare establishment could cope without Internet access. Patients use global network resources to make doctor appointments, check doctor schedules, and so on. With information technology, medical practices have certainly become more effective and quality-oriented.

Due to certain specific aspects of their activities, healthcare sector employees have to deal with personal data every day, including patients’ medical records and medical insurance policy numbers. This requires a high level of protection from an unauthorized breach of personal data. Healthcare institutions must use appropriate software to secure their information systems.

Many security threats that exist in the healthcare sector often occur due to human error. Employees often unwillingly cause data leaks and download malicious software. The functionality of UserGate Proxy & Firewall helps address a wide spectrum of issues in safeguarding Internet access. UserGate Mail Security will make sure that medical institutions do not lose any confidential information via email.

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Wi-Fi Hotspots

Internet filtering for public Wi-Fi networks

In some cases the administrators of Wi-Fi hotspots are obliged to implement means of content filtration inhibiting juvenile access to dangerous and doubtful websites. UserGate Web Filter is a convenient tool to filter Internet access for all or for just the juvenile users of the Wi-Fi hotspot. To meet the above obligation it is sufficient to implement the affordable set of UserGate WebFilter Appliance or to use the relevant online facility of internet service providers, provided such facility is available in the given network.

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Telecom solutions

For any internet service provider it is equally crucial to assure safe internet access for all users in compliance with the stipulations of relevant federal legislation and to offer extra services and tariffs sought for by a considerable part of the user / subscriber community. By allowing integration into the infrastructure of local and federal internet service providers UserGate Web Filter offers a cost-effective solution for all these issues through the powerful yet affordable filtration process featuring negligible response delay.

UserGate Web Filter may be implemented in the form of a cluster solution running under central or multicenter control. UserGate Web Filter has been successfully implemented in the networks of federal mobile and broad-band internet service providers, local internet service providers and also home networks.

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DPI Solutions

Most DPI solutions support only a few filtering mechanisms, such as the blacklist support provided by such organizations as IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) or CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act). This functionality does not ensure an adequate security level or legal compliance.

However, UserGate Web Filter is fully compatible with all other DPI solutions that are already used in a provider's environment. As a result, our product provides complete security within the already existing tools featured by other DPI solutions.

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Home Users

There are certain distinctions in using Internet resources at home. First of all, you do not usually have a full-time technical consultant at home. Secondly, security policies on your home computer are configured mostly by you, your friends who you consider to be more advanced users, or private computer assistance companies. Thirdly, most Internet providers offer additional services that provide online security. And, at last, children may have access to the Internet at home, which means that parents need to be especially careful.

KinderGate Parental Control is an application designed for home users that helps monitor Internet use by underage children. The product can be used not only to track your children’s online surfing, but secure the computer from the actions of adults on the world-wide web.

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